• To Become a Member of the Sae Eden Church
  • If you want to be registered as a member of our church, come to the information desk and fill out a registration card. After registering, a regional district pastor will visit you shortly. After the visit, you belong to the one of the church regional districts, and begin your new life with other church members.
  • For Newcomers and Visitors
  • Please fill out a newcomer card, and turn it in before the sermon. After the sermon, you will have a meeting with our pastor. We provide a souvenir and a church guidebook for you. And our staff will help you to settle in our church. You will then attend the four-week newcomers class. If you complete the four-week newcomers class, then you can attend programs for bible studys. And after 3 months, there will be a welcoming party for you with our pastor.
  • To enjoy the happier and healthier Christian life
  • It is important to understand the basic foundations of the Christian life, and be faithful to the basic duties of the Christians. The basic foundations of the Christian life are worship, prayer, discipleship, discipline, fellowship and serving God and others. Furthermore, you should find your suitable ministry, and participate and attend all meetings of that ministry. By doing so, you will benefit from it, and be able to enjoy happier and healthier life of in Christ.
  • Time of Worship and Prayer
  • -Sunday Worship Services (7:30am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4:30pm, 7pm)
    -Wednesday Worship Services (10:30am, 8pm)
    -Friday Worship and Prayer (9pm)
    -Daily Morning Worship and Prayer (5am, 6am, 7am)
    -Daily Evening Prayer Meeting (8pm)
    -Daily Relay Prayer: All regional districts of church do their own relay prayer everyday
    -Personal Prayer: Individual personal prayer rooms are available on 4th floor
  • Ministries you can join to enjoy happier and healthier Christian life
  • There are 12 regional districts, and each regional districts have their small groups. All Sae Eden Church members are required to be part of regional districts and small groups.
    -Men’s and Women’s Mission Groups: There various types of groups for all ages and genders.
    -Occupational Mission Groups: There are groups you can join according to your occupation.
    -Children and Youth:: Shema Vision School teaches children and youth. It is an educational program that our senior pastor personally planned. All children and youth are educated and trained to prepare themselves to be the future Christian leaders.
    -Young adult: Young Adult Group is divided into 5 divisions. There are small groups for bible study and fellowship.
    - Committees: Lots of committees are available for you to join for local and overseas missions.
  • Duties of Christian
  • 1. Worship Service
    Fulfill the responsibilities of Christians such as worship and service (choir, Sunday school teacher, prayer, offerings, etc.)

    2. Prayer
    For evangelism in Korean and unification of South and North Korea For the senior pastor and leaders in our church For the revival of our church

    3. Bible Study
    Read the bible everyday

    4. Tithe
    The tithe is the responsibility of all Christians.
    Ten percent of income belongs to God.

    5. Evangelism & Volunteer Work
    Evangelize to at least 2 people a year Pray everyday by calling out the names of those you try to bring to church Continue to help and teach those you brought to church until they are baptized. Serve your church by using your talents.
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