• Mission Statement
  • Our mission is to build a sanctuary of believers in Promise Complex, and to form blessed families reaching our descendants, and to recover families and our nation with gospel, and to cultivate people who are needed for our society.
  • A church serving the community with the spirit of love
  • The motto of the Sae Eden Church is “The Church that Loves and Serves”. The Sae Eden church exists to serve our community and nation.
  • A church dedicated to children's education in a variety of contents and facilities
  • Our children deserve more advanced education program and facilities for them to develop clearer and brighter dreams and visions for their future. Therefore the SaeEden Church has built the state-of-the-art education center that has over 5,000 total setting capacities, and we provide variety of education programs to suite their needs. We help our children to have the hands-on experience, so that they can find specific visions and dreams of their own. SaeEden Church also provides Shema School program to raise our children as the future leaders of the unified Korea
  • A church dedicated to raise the future leaders of the unified Korea through the word of God and the spiritual discipline
  • We take great joy and pride that the SaeEden Church provide the powerful and living word of God through the Senior Pastor Kang Suk So. Through his powerful messages, the oppressed will be set free, the wounded will be healed and the weak will be strong. To help you to fully take advantage of Pastor So’s powerful teaching, we provide “The School of Tree of Life” which will help you to find true peace and joy.
  • A church dedicated to raise more missionaries to the ends of the earth
  • We partner with many mission organizations all over the world, and train missionaries of our own to reach the areas where the gospel has not yet reached.
주소 : THE SAE EDEN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Address : 100 Jukjeon-ro, Sugi-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea | Telephone: 82-(031)-896-1000
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