• Times in Garak-dong
  • When Pastor Kang-Suk So first planted the Sae Eden Church in Garak-dong, he started out with nothing. Garak-dong had been a newly reconstructed town, which was a promising area for church planting and for evangelism. Eventually, church planting in Garak-dong became a crucial step for establishing a church in Bundang later on. After Pastor So made a decision to plant a church in Garak-dong, it was a time to examine the area. He came up with the strategy for the ministry by surveying the townspeople, including the community leaders, real estate agents, businesspeople, and the men and women who worked in the area. Finally, Pastor So planted the church in Garak-dong according to the needs and desires of the people in the community. Soon, the news about the Pastor So's new Spirit-filled church was widely spread all over the town. That was the beginning of the Sae Eden Church in Garak-dong.
  • The rats invasion and the 100-days of prayer
  • Without a single mentor or a devoted supporter, the first few years were filled with many tears and hardships. The church started its worship services in a small basement, the size of a one-room officetel. Because the church was located in the basement, the worship room frequently had unwelcomed guests, a swarm of baby rats. Very often, the mother rat would lead her squeaking army of her baby rats into the church while Pastor So was preaching on the pulpit. Many times, new members of the church would watch the rats instead of paying attention to the sermon. Because of these interruptions, the sermons were ruined quite often. Only a few people showed up for the afternoon worship services. And often times, the only people showed up for the evening service were elder Geun Sung Jung and the wife of Pastor So, Jung Sook Bae. As a result, the afternoon and evening services were often awkward and difficult. Pastor Gang-Suk So evangelized to the townspeople during the daytime and only took short nap at night. Back then, Pastor So spent most of his nights praying all night long until he fulfilled his "100-day Prayer Mission". “Lord! Send people to your church. I put my life on the line to carry out your mission to save a precious soul. Lord, please send lost souls to your church!”.
  • The Three Stage Evangelism Strategy
  • Instead of evangelizing without a specific strategy, Pastor So set up a "Three-stage evangelism strategy" which included "Preparation evangelism", "Indirect evangelism" and "Direct evangelism". Through these three stages, positive word of the church quickly spread throughout town. Therefore, when the church grew to 50-60 members, the congregation held a special ceremony for 2,000 senior citizens. Members of the evangelism team were trained to come up with minimum of 30 different memorized positive statements about the church, pastor, and Jesus Christ. Because the church already had a good reputation among the townspeople, it wasn’t very difficult for the evangelism team to spread the word about Jesus Christ and the new church. Because of this, the Sae Eden Church quickly became the fastest-growing church in the community.
  • Spirit-filled Evangelism Movement
  • Word of the rapid growth of the Sae Eden Church spread not only throughout Garak-dong, but throughout the entire region of Songpa-Gu. With a goal to bring 1500 new members to the church, the key leaders of the church planned a powerful and effective evangelism movement event. At that time, the church was still very young, in the eyes of the people, a large evangelism movement seemed somewhat risky and burdensome. However, the church members took it upon themselves to buy evangelism tracts and make pens with printed church name using their own budget, which they would then distribute throughout the community, in order to spread news of the new movement. As a result, the church experienced a miracle! They surpassed their goal of 1,500 new members. Over 2,500 people signed up as new members! After the "Evangelism Movement Event", the church members gathered as one, embracing one another and crying with tears of joy and thankfulness. The evangelism movement event was a total success, and the Sae Eden Church entered a new period of revival and blessing.
  • The Church Extends into Bundang!
  • When the church in Garak-dong had reached a four-year mark, it had moved from a small, one-room studio to a spacious building that could fit a large congregation. Furthermore, the Garak-dong church had held two additional evangelism movement events. But despite the fact that the church has made so much efforts to grow, the church could not make any more progress. The church stopped growing at 300 core leaders. No matter how hard they evangelized and gave all that they had, church couldn’t have another revival. In order to overcome this plateau, Pastor So and the core leaders of the church planned to establish a new church building. After many stages of development, the church was finally established in the promising area of Bundang by the grace of God. It was evident that God was raising up a wave of redemption and salvation through the Sae Eden Church. The hardships and trials throughout the early stages of the Garak-dong Church were merely stepping stones to the amazing works of God. After searching for the land to purchase in Bundang, the church finally decided to rent a 4,000 square feet building in Jeongja-dong. First, the church rented the third floor of the building, but due to strong opposition from the people of the second and fourth floors, the church had no choice but to move to the basement. However, the basement was not the most convenient location for the congregation because there were four large columns in the room, that made it difficult and inconvenient to set up the church in the way congregation members had envisioned. Not only that, the restrooms for the entire building were located on the basement floor, and there were no windows for the entire basement floor. In other words, the new location wasn’t an appealing place of worship for the wealthier people in the area. Furthermore, the new location for the church was too far from apartment complexes nearby, meaning the commuting distance between the church and homes was somewhat burdensome for many people living in that area. However, the Bundang Church continued to evangelize to the people in the area. After making church newspapers and tracts about the vision of the church and Pastor Gang-suk So’s testimony, the core leaders made a bold effort to spread the word about the church. In the summer of 1994, the congregation members got together to make 10,000 pans with the church name, so that they could hand them out to the townspeople and spread news about the Bundang Church.
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